The story goes all the way back to elementary school, when I first sparked my interest for photography, taking pictures of sunsets, patterns and so on with my phone.

Fast forward to high school, I've got my first model, a friend who loved being photographed and with whom I could discuss edits, places etc. 
Around April 2019 I've taken my first picture of an automobile and instantly decided that I enjoy it. Since then, I have been focusing my photography on Portraits and Automobiles.

As time has passed, my knowledge, experience and style has improved.
At the moment I am studying Visual Communications Design. I enjoy design, not as much as photography but I hope it will make me understand photography even more and provide me with a range of skills which will help me in the future. 
Up to this day, I've taken around 60,573 photos and spent innumerable hours editing.
The man on the left of me in this bad-polaroid-photo is my grandfather, Deny. He is the one that taught me to always be polite, positive, confident and unique. 
Thanks for reading, peace.
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